Collection of tools and projects

Développeur web militant pour un Internet libre, étique et solidaire.

Hosted Projects
RDV Check (Prefecture Montpellier)

A Robot collects a picture from the official Prefecture website from Montpellier, France, each 30 minutes, to shown the lack of RDV (meeting availabilities) to initiate the procedure for a VISA permit.


Un collectif composé de consommateurs numériques et de développeurs Web qui s’organisent pour créer ensemble de petits outils Web gratuits, créer des alternatives aux logiciels propriétaires et ouvrir la voie à la création de nouvelles plates-formes coopératives..

Savoie Tech Coop

Tech cooperative in Savoie (French region) offering distributed, free (as in freedom) services to the world.

We believe that building, owning and controlling technology is important. Hackers and Open Source communities have an opportunity and a responsibility to offer an alternative, to offer services and tools that people can trust. Beyond corporate control, that comes with tracking and data farming. Decentralized services and tools that respect users privacy by default.

Panier Libre (Self-hosted web app)

Panier Libre maintainer and instance hosting.

Incubadora Itinerante

Travel project (2018) to help local organizations with business and software development inhouse in exchange of accommodation.

Hosted websites

Bon Beau en Bauges its a blog listing local productors in Savoie, France.

Montpellier International Football Club

Organize weekly matches.

LinkedIn Personal website

To cover around 240EUR in expenses for domains and hosting each year.